Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs

Tee Up Trophy 2017

This Trophy, which was presented by Sheffield Newspapers Limited, will be awarded annually to the Sheffield Amateur Golfer who has accumulated most 'Points' in the competitions, matches and other events organised by the Union. For points details see Individual Competitions Rules and Regulations.

Player PlayedTotal Points
1stTIM BRIND Abbeydale1147
2ndMatt Evans Woolley Park934
3rdSam Bairstow Hallowes Golf Club629
4thIan Clarke Lindrick329
5thSamuel R Rook 929
6thSean Needham Lindrick328
7thNick Poppleton Wath Golf Club628
8thLuke Palmowski PRO Hickleton Golf Club527
9thMick McGuinness Phoenix419
10thNeil Stones Wheatley619
11thJamie Harrison Rotherham Golf Club618
12thJack Leversidge Abbeydale417
13thBen Sardo 115
14thStefan Priest Hallowes Golf Club215
15thDominic Moon Bedale615
16thJames Gregg Abbeydale413
17thLewis Hollingworth Rotherham Golf Club713
18thBen Firth 110
19thKeir L Stockdale PRO Lindrick Golf Club39
20thBrandon Perry Rotherham Golf Club28
21st =Charlie Daughtrey Rotherham Golf Club48
21st =Nathan Fell Lindrick48
23rd =Jacob Danks Rother Valley Golf Club17
23rd =Joshua Morton Huddersfield Golf Club17
25thDean Longden Rotherham Golf Club27
26thJordan Perry Rotherham Golf Club57
27th =Dave Briggs Renishaw Park16
27th =Jim Tasker Hallamshire16
29thGary Fullwood Wath36
30thRichard G Hodgkinson Lindrick56
31st =Peter Daughtrey Rotherham Golf Club15
31st =barry downing Hallamshire15
33rdBailey Gill PRO Lindrick Golf Club25
34thNikki George Retford Golf Club14
35thRichard Bee Rotherham Golf Club24
36thLee Hopwood Hickleton34
37thJack Wilson Hallowes Golf Club23
38thJosh Shaw 33
39th =Oliver J Smith Sickleholme12
39th =Conor Clarke Wheatley12
41stJoel Cartlidge Wheatley Golf Club22
42ndLouie Hinchliffe Hallamshire32
43rd =Michael Verity Burnham Beeches10
43rd =Daniel Hartley Dewsbury District Golf Club10
43rd =Darren Elliott Woodbridge Golf Club10
43rd =Dave Hemsworth Worksop Golf Club10
43rd =Fergus Barron Dewsbury District Golf Club10
43rd =James Lingard Alnwick Golf Club10
43rd =James Butterworth Burhill Golf Club10
43rd =Jamie Wilson Wheatley Golf Club10
43rd =Josh Conlan Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club10
43rd =Josh Cailey-Booth Wheatley Golf Club10
43rd =Michael Hay Middlesbrough Golf Club10
43rd =Oliver Lea Kenwick Park Golf Club10
43rd =Rob Drage Hallamshire Golf Club10
43rd =S Millington Cleveland Golf Club10
43rd =T Gray Moortown Golf Club10
43rd =Tom Bradley Hallamshire Golf Club10
43rd =Tom Slattery PRO Bondhay Golf & Country Club10
43rd =Ashley Johnson Dewsbury District10
43rd =Sam Nuttall Lees Hall10
43rd =George Taylor Sitwell Park10
43rd =Kieron Spencer-Chaplin Kenwick Park10
43rd =Nathan Rogers Tankersley Park10
43rd =Nathan MUFFETT Sitwell Park10
43rd =Jamie Gibson 10
43rd =L Bisatt 10
43rd =M East 10
43rd =Nick King 10
43rd =Ross Waterhouse 10
43rd =Thomas Guttridge 10
43rd =Will Painter 10
43rd =Will Webster 10
43rd =Joshua Wright Abbeydale10
43rd =Richard Oades Abbeydale10
43rd =Joshua Berry Doncaster10
43rd =Julian Wood Hallamshire10
43rd =Malcolm Gregg Hallamshire10
43rd =Tom Sadowski Hallamshire10
43rd =Andrew Robinson Hillsborough10
43rd =David HADWICK Hillsborough10
43rd =Carl McGuinness Phoenix10
43rd =T Keating Sandhill10
43rd =PAUL BENTLEY Sickleholme10
43rd =phil dooley Sickleholme10
43rd =Jack Wright Silkstone10
43rd =Andrew Finney Stocksbridge10
43rd =George Mason Wath10
43rd =Ryan Gill Wath10
90th =J Thompson Sickleholme Golf Club20
90th =John Jarman Hallowes Golf Club20
90th =michael sowerby Doncaster Town Moor Golf Club20
90th =Richard Hanson Lindrick20
90th =George Nicholson Silkstone20

Competitions Included

SHEFFIELD PLATE 2017 (Tuesday 20th June 2017)
Strokeplay Championship (Sunday 27th August 2017)

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