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Fixtures 2019

May 10  Fri  SUMA 1  Doncaster Town Moor   Result

20  Mon  SUMA 2  Tankersley Park   Result
June   7  Fri  SUMA 3  Grange Park   Result

24  Mon  SUMA 4  Hillsborough   Result
July   9  Tue  SUMA 5  Dore & Totley   Result
Aug 22  Thurs  SUMA 6  Wheatley   Result
Sep   4  Wed  SUMA 7  Roundwood   Result

Fixtures 2020

Competition Venue Date Closing Date Status
SUMA 1 LEES HALL Monday 11th May 1st May Opens 16th March 2020
SUMA 2 SICKLEHOLME Thursday 28th May 18th May Opens 16th March 2020
SUMA 3 RENISHAW PARK Friday 19th June 9th June Opens 16th March 2020
SUMA 4 CHESTERFIELD Monday 29th June 19th June Opens 16th March 2020
SUMA 5 PHOENIX Tuesday 7th July 27th June Opens 16th March 2020
SUMA 6 ROTHERHAM Monday 3rd August 24th July Opens 16th March 2020
SUMA 7 SITWELL PARK Tuesday 8th September 29th August Opens 16th March 2020



From the 11th March 2019 ALL 7 SUMA competitions will be available for on-line entry.

Using the SUGC website,   You will now be able to enter, select your preferred Tee-Time and pay on-line.

Note. Your actual start-time may be different and will be confirmed when the competition entry is closed and the draw finalised.

Entry for the competition will be by team (pair) and you will need a CDH number for both you and your playing partner. (This can be obtained from your club or competitions secretary).

Payment will be taken on-line at the same time via PayPal using your PayPal account if you have one or a Debit/Credit card.

Click Here to view or download detailed instructions.


For those without internet access SUMA members can still apply by post from 11th March 2019 and will have the same priority as those applying on line.

Enter as follows: -

a.  By completing an entry form(s) and submitting it to the SUGC office. Note it MUST be accompanied with a cheque(s) for the appropriate amount.

b. On the day of the PRECEDING competition at the registration desk, (n.b. you will only be allowed to book for the next competition). Note: payment will only be allowed by CARD or CHEQUE.

* No CASH will be taken as payment.

Important Information.

1.) There is NO difference in priority between those booking on-line and those via post.

2.) We have removed the rule which prevented two teams from the same club playing together. When the initial draw is now made or revised it could be possible that all 4 players are from the same club.
3.) When entering on-line some Tee-Times will already be reserved for those still entering manually with an entry form. 
Note, only when the competition entry is closed will the Start-times be confirmed, and the draw published. Your actual time may be different to the one you      requested
4.) As well as our website we will be using email and SMS (text) to automatically inform you of start times (including last minute changes), competition information such as cancelled (in bad weather) and of course the final results. It is important that you supply us with this information when you enter. If you or a friend are not receiving emails please send name, email address & mobile number to  Your details will only be used to contact you.


If you withdraw from the competition ( up to 72 hours before) or if you are unsuccessful in being selected for a competition due to it being oversubscribed then your entry fee will either be credited back to your original card or your cheque destroyed after the competition has been finalised.

Note: The allocation of members to compete in each meeting will be decided by the SUGC. No member can be guaranteed to play in all the meetings whether entering on-line or manually.

Rules and Regulations

1. Any male playing member of a club affiliated to the Union may become a Life Member of the Association by completing the appropriate application form and on the payment of £15 (if 50 years of age or over at the time of application), or £20 (if under 50 years of age at the time of application). Application forms are obtainable from the SUGC website or the Secretary. Country Members and Juniors (until they reach the age of 18 years) are not eligible to join.

2. A minimum of Six meetings per year will be arranged on dates and courses decided by the Executive Committee and notified on the SUGC website, in which members may compete with the proviso that the allocation of members to compete in each meeting will be decided by the SUGC. No member can be guaranteed to play in all the meetings. Members cannot play when the venue is their home club.

3. Handicap limit for all meetings shall be 20. Any members whose handicap is above the limit may compete but shall play off 20.

4. Members whose names appear in the draw but who cancel within 72 hours of a meeting or fail to report on the day shall forfeit their entry fee.

5. Ties in meetings shall be decided on the last 9, 6, 3 and 1 holes. The Union will award prizes to the winners and any other prizes as may be decided by the Executive Committee.

6. Club officials and players are reminded that they are always expected to conform to the dress regulations and etiquette of the host club.

7. Players should always walk unless permission to use a buggy has been given by the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs. Permission will only be given in exceptional circumstances; application to use a ride on buggy must be made, no later than 14 days prior to the competition to The Secretary of the Union, who alone may authorise its use.

An application must be made by the player's club and supported by a medical certificate signed by a medical practitioner certifying that the player has a disability or has an entitlement within the meaning of the Disability Disabled Act 1995, and by reason thereof the player is unable to play golf without the use of a buggy.

The application to use a ride on buggy must also be accompanied by an appropriate insurance certificate covering the player and appropriate third party liability.

An application to use a ride on buggy will also be subject to the host golf clubs rules for ride on buggies. Furthermore, the Sheffield Union Competition Committee of the day will still retain the right to prohibit the use of buggies on the day if in their opinion course conditions make the use of buggies unsafe and a danger with regards to Health and Safety.

Only the player authorised to use a buggy may do so. Any other player using a buggy, for any reason, will automatically be disqualified from the competition.

8. Mobile phones or similar electronic devices are not to be used in any SUGC Competition.

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