Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs

SUGC Competitions and WHS

SUGC Competitions with the new World Handicapping System (Point of Reference: A Player’s Handicap is now known as a “Handicap Index”). During November 2020, the World Handicapping System came into place. For every Golf Club in our Union, Club members were given a Handicap Index. This Handicap Index would then be adjusted at their Club or other Clubs where they play. This Handicap Index will be converted at each Club played to a Course Handicap. A handicap allowance based on the terms of the competition (format of play) is then applied to determine a playing handicap for each event. Handicapping to bring our competitions into line with the recommended Handicap Allowances will now reflect as follows: Singles 95%, Better-ball 85%, 2/4 AM-AM 85%. Players CDH numbers are still active. The SUGC will take each player’s Handicap Index for competition qualification purposes. This handicap could be adjusted up or down, when calculating the adjusted handicap allowances on the course being played ( Course Handicap). Players must play off the course adjusted handicap allowances along with any % adjustments ( Playing Handicap).

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