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Regulations For All Competitions

SUGC Competitions with the new World Handicapping System

(Point of Reference: A Players Handicap is now known as a “Handicap Index”)

  • During November 2020, the World Handicapping System came into place.
  • For every Golf Club in our Union, Club members were given a Handicap Index. This Handicap Index would then be adjusted at their Club or other Clubs where they play.
  • This Handicap Index will be converted at each Club played to a Course Handicap. A handicap allowance based on the terms of the competition (format of play) is then applied to determine a playing handicap for each event.
  • Handicapping to bring our competitions into line with the recommended Handicap Allowances will now reflect as follows, Singles 95%, Better-ball 85%, 2/4 AM-AM 85%.
  • Players CDH numbers are still active.

The SUGC will take the players Handicap Index for competition qualification purposes. This handicap could be adjusted up or down, when calculating the course adjusted handicap allowances on the course being played. Players must play off the course adjusted handicap allowances along with any % adjustments (Playing Handicap).

General Rules
1. Participation in any Championship, Match, Competition or other events arranged by the Union, shall be limited to male members of clubs affiliated to the Union (unless otherwise stated) who shall be in possession of a Handicap Index. Such clubs shall be required to supply the Secretary with the correct CDH number of any player entered. In handicap events any competitor who is a member of more than one club must play off his official 'Home Club' Handicap Index.
Where allowed, players with a Handicap Index above the entry requirement will play off the competitions maximum allowance at the descretion of the SUGC Executive.

2. The Union recognises the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews as the ruling authority. All competitions shall be played according to their rules and to the bye-laws of the club on whose course the event shall be held, so far as they are approved by the Executive Committee.

3. The Executive Committee shall arrange and carry through all competitions and have power to make such regulations and temporary regulations as they deem desirable. In all competitions they may revise conditions, entry fees and handicap limits as they deem advisable. Any breach of the conditions of entry by an entrant without justifiable reason being given in writing will enable the Executive Committee of the Union to take such disciplinary action as they think fit.

3a. In 36 hole Competitions, the entrant shall complete both rounds of golf unless , unless he has notified the desk of his withdrawal on the day of the competition, or a justifiable reason is given in writing for his not doing so. The Executive Committee's decision as to whether such reason is justifiable and whether or not any sanctions shall be applied, shall be final.

4. Objections shall be in writing and received by the Secretary within three days of the competition. the decision of the Executive Committee is final.

5. The Executive Committee will arrange the courses, dates and times of play in all competitions, but reserve the right to deal with any exigencies which may arise.

6. A player may represent one club only during any competition in any one season.

7. Competitions shall be played only on courses of clubs of the Union.

8. (a) Entry fees for team competitions and events shall be paid on, or before 31st March.
Entry fees for individual competitions shall, unless otherwise stated, be paid at the same time as the submission of the appropriate entry.
Entry fees cannot be refunded unless notice of withdrawal has been received 72 hours prior to the day of the competition.
    (b) No player shall take more than one individual prize in any one event.

9.(a) During the playing season members of any club whose course is closed for the day, or major part of the day, due to the hosting of a Union competition may be granted 'Courtesy of the Course' by other clubs in the Union. Not more than twelve members shall visit any one club and the secretary of the club hosting the competition shall notify other clubs who may be expected to receive their members giving their names and requesting suitable times to those clubs.

   (b) The following competitions will normally lead to full or partial closure of the course:

   (i) At week-ends - Sheffield Team Championship Qualifying & Final, Second teams Competitions, Inter-Club Foursomes Medal, Amateur Stroke Play Championship, 6-25 Stableford Competition, Sheffield Amateur Championship (Rounds 1&2) and Semi Final & Final, J.H. Aitchison Trophy, Queen's Jubilee (Charities) Trophy, Champion of Champions (Junior & Senior), Mid Amateur Championship, Seniors Championship, Veterans Championship, Junior Championship.
  (ii) On weekdays - Sheffield Open Amateur Championship (Sheffield Plate), The Sheffield Open Championship, Turner Shield, Greenkeepers Competition (when held), President's Day for Club Officials and events arranged by the Executive for S.U.M.A.

10. Except where otherwise provided in the conditions of a particular Championship or Tournament, all ties shall be decided on the last 18, 9, 6, 3 or 1 holes in that order. If a tie still arises, it shall be decided by reference to the last 6, 3 or 1 holes of the first nine holes of the round. If a tie still arises, each of the preceding rounds played shall be treated in the same way (taking each round in the reverse order to that in which they were played) until a decision is reached.

11. Players should walk at all times unless permission to use a buggy has been given by the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs. Permission will only be given in exceptional circumstances; application to use a ride on buggy must be made no later than 14 days prior to the competition, to the Secretary of the Union in writing, who alone may authorise its use.

An application must be made by the player's club and supported by a medical certificate signed by a medical practitioner certifying that the player has a disability or has an entitlement within the meaning of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, and by reason thereof the player is unable to play golf without the use of a buggy.

The application to use a ride on buggy must also be accompanied by an appropriate insurance certificate covering the player and appropriate third party liability.

An application to use a ride on buggy will also be subject to the host Golf Clubs rules for ride on buggies. Furthermore, the Sheffield Union Competition Committee of the day will still retain the right to prohibit the use of buggies on the day if in their opinion course conditions make the use of buggies unsafe and a danger with regards to Health and Safety. Only the player authorised to use a buggy may do so. Any other player using a buggy, for any reason, will automatically be disqualified from the competition.

12. When attending all Sheffield Union related events, it will be expected that attendees behave in a correct and appropriate manner. The Sheffield Union reserves the right to take appropriate action against person or persons behaving inappropriately.
Club officials and players are reminded that they are at all times expected to comply with and conform to the dress regulations and etiquette of the club on whose course they are playing.

13. Mobile phones or similar electronic devices are not to be used during any SUGC Competition.

14. SUGC Time of Starting (R&A Rule 6-3a)

The player shall start at the time established by the Committee.

(Rule 6-3a: Penalty for Breach) If the player arrives at his starting point, ready to play, within 5 minutes after his starting time, the penalty for failure to start on time is loss of the first hole in match play or two strokes at the first hole in stroke play.
Otherwise, the penalty for breach of this Rule is disqualification.

Exception: where the Committee determines that exceptional circumstances have prevented the player from starting on time, the penalty may be waived or modified.

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