Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs

Past Winners (Individual)


The Sheffield Open Championship

1949 F. Jowie (Lees Hall) J.S. Bethell (Hallamshire)
1950 J.A. Jacobs (Lindrick) J.M. Foster (Abbeydale)
1951 J.A. Jacobs (Lindrick) J. Minnis (Tankersley Park)
1952 F. JowIe (Lees Hall) M.W. Field (Rotherham)
1953 R. Jennings (Rotherham) R.R. Midwood (Wortley)
1954 W. Walker (Chesterlield) G.E. Hughes (Sickleholme)
1955 D. Snell (Lindrick) J.L. Ledger (Tinsley Park)
1956 D. Snell (Worksop) P.L. Osborne (Lindrick)
1957 D. Snell (Worksop) P.J. Eborall (Hillsborough)
1958 J.A. Jacobs (Lindrick) P.J. Eborall (Hillsborough)
1959 B. Hutchinson (Hallowes) P.J. Eborall (Hillsborough)
1960 D. Snell (Worksop) G.W. Marshall (Hillsborough)

J.M. Foster (Abbeydale)
1961 D. Snell (Worksop) L.J. Feeney (Chesterfield)
1962 P.J. Eborall (Hillsborough) P.J. Eborall (Hillsborough)
1963 B. Hutchinson (Sitwell Park) C.J. Devine (Chesterfield)
1964 P.M. Harrison (Abbeydale) P.M. Harrison (Abbeydale)
1965 D. Snell (Worksop) C. J. Copestake (Hallowes)
1966 D. Snell (Worksop) M.D. Hulley (Tankersley Park)
1967 D. Snell (Worksop) I.R. Harris (Hallowes)
1968 L.H.T. Boyd (Phoenix) D. J. Palmer (Worksop)
1969 D. Snell (Worksop) J.M. Foster (Abbeydale)
1970 D. Jagger (Abbeydale) J.D. Hall (Worksop)
1971 D. Snell (Worksop) S. Rolley (Phoenix)
1972 D. Snell (Worksop) J. Timms (Hillsborough)
1973 W.J. Wilkinson (Lees Hall) * B.A. Meldrum (Hallowes)
1974 D. Dunk (Beauchief) W.P. Bunker (Dore & Totley)
1975 8. Rolley (Wath) C.G.H. Jubb (Sickleholme)
1976 G.R. Tickell (Hallamshire) J.C. Thomas (Chesterfield)
1977 M.D. Hulley (Rotherham) M.D. Hulley (Rotherham)
1978 A.M. Limb (Lindrick) * M.I. MacKenzie (Hillsborough)
1979 G.H. Daglish (Sitwell Park) G.H. Daglish (Sitwell Park)
1980 MR. Thornhill (Wortley) M.R. Thornhill (Wortley)
1981 G.M. Walker (Lees Hall) * A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park)
1982 P.L. Cowen(Dore&Totley) * A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park)
1983 D. Dunk (Renishaw Park) * M.I. MacKenzie (Hillsborough)
1984 * A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park) * A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park)
1985 J. King (Worksop) B. Bremner (Wheatley)
1986 B. Bremner (Wheatley) * S. Field (Silkstone)
1987 P.L. Cowen (Dore & Totley) * S. Field (Silkstone)
1988 P.L. Cowen (Dore & Totley) * A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park)
1989 C. Gray (Lindrick) * M l . MacKenzie (Hillsborough)
1990 M. Pearson (Dore & Totley) * M.I. MacKenzie (Hallamshire)/

* A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park)
1991 Championship not held
1992 * A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park) * A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park)
1993 * R. Jones (Wath) *R. Jones (Wath)
1994 R. Bennett (Abbeydale) R. Bennett (Abbeydale)
1995 S. Fox (Wheatley) * R. Jones (Wath)
1996 P. Nelson (Renishaw Park) G. Clark (Doncaster)
1997 J. Bragger (Lees Hall) S. Clegg (Crookhill Park)
1998 S.CIegg (Crookhill Park) S. Clegg (Crookhill Park)
1999 B. Downing (Hallamshire) B. Downing (Hallamshire)
2000 G. R. Tickell (Hallamshire) * S. Tarplett (Hillsborough)
2001 G. Clark (Doncaster) G. Clark (Doncaster)
2002 Championship not held
2003 A. Bradley (Doncaster) A. Bradley (Doncaster)
2004 D. Sturgeon (Renishaw Park) S. Needham (Sicklehome)
2005 M. Ramsden (Bondhay) D. Briggs (Renishaw Park)
2006 R. Gregory (Rotherham) C. Clarke (Wath)
2007 R. Jones (Wath) * R. Jones (Wath)
2008 I. Clarke (Sickleholme) I. Clarke (Sickleholme)
2009 G. Hyde (Grange Park) K. Sheperd (Renishaw Park)
2010 J. Dean (Renishaw Park) J. Dean (Renishaw Park)
2011 S. Toplis (Tinsley Park) S. Toplis (Tinsley Park)
2012 G. Fullwood (Wath) J. Shaw (Rotherham)
2013 R. Hanson (Renishaw Park) R. Hanson (Renishaw Park)
2014 L. Booth (Worksop) L. Booth (Worksop)
2015 M. Wright (Silkstone) T. Brind (Abbeydale)
2016 N. Poppleton (Wath) N. Poppleton (Wath)
2017 D. Booth (Rotherham) L Palmowski (Hickleton)
2018 J. Tasker (Hallamshire) J. Tasker (Hallamshire)
2019 L. Palmowski (Hickleton) L. Palmowski (Hickleton)
* Sometime Yorkshire Amateur Champion


Lockwood Salver (Leading Professional)

1976 G.R. Tickell (Hallamshire)  1999 M. A. Roberts (Phoenix)
1977 T. Johnson (Wheatley)  2000 G. R. Tickell (Hallamshire)
1978 A.M. Limb (Lindrick)  2001 D. Cox (Bondhay)
1979 D. Snell (Worksop)  2002 Not held
1980 P.K. Goldthorpe (Palmer DR)  2003 D. Sturgeon (Renishaw Park)
1981 G.M. Walker (Lees Hall)  2004 D. Sturgeon (Renishaw Park)
1982 P.L. Cowen (Dore & Totley)  2005 M. Ramsden (Bondhay)
1983 D. Dunk (Renishaw Park)  2006 R. Gregory (Rotherham)
1984 M. McLean (Chesterfield)  2007 M. Allen (Hillsborough)
1985 J. King (Worksop)  2008 J. Walker (Rotherham)
1986 J. King (Worksop)  2009 G. Hyde (Grange Park)
1987 P.L. Cowen (Dore & Totley)  2010 A. Hodkin (Wheatley)
1988 P.L. Cowen (Dore & Totley)  2011 A. Carnall (SIV Golf)
1989 C. Gray (Lindrick)  2012 M. Hempstock (Bawtry)
1990 M. Pearson (Dore & Totley)  2013 N. Rogers (Wortley)
1991 Championship not held  2014 M. Wright (Silkstone)
1992 P.L Cowen (Lindrick)  2015 M. Wright (Silkstone)
1993 J. King (Worksop)  2016 J. Ripley (Rother Valley)
1994 J. Mellor (Worksop 2017 D. Booth (Rotherham)
1995 S. Fox (Wheatley) 2018 J. King (Lindrick)
1996 J. King (Worksop) 2019 G. Clarke (Doncaster)
1997 J. Bragger (Lees Hall)

1998 S. Fox (Wheatley)

Sheffield Open Amateur Championship (Sheffield Plate)

1993 M.I. Mackenzie (Hallamshire) 2008 M. Hammond (Wath)
1993 G. Boardman (Castle Hawk) 2009 G. Hyde (Grange Park)
1994 P. Nelson (Renishaw Park) 2010 S. Young (Rotherham)
1995 A. Herbert (Hickleton) 2011 N. Rogers (Wortley)
1996 P. Nelson (Renishaw Park) 2012 L. Hopwood (Hickleton)
1997 R. Jones (Wath) 2013 D. Moon (Rotherham)
1998 S. Tarplett (Hillsborough) 2014 G. Ticklell (Hallamshire)
1999 M. Haddock (Wheatley) 2015 B. Brown (Hallamshire)
2000 M. Thomas (Hallamshire) 2016 A. Fitzpatrick (Hallamshire)
2001 N. Smith (Heworth) 2017 B. Sardo (Moor Allerton)
2002 I. Mackenzie (Hallamshire) 2018 J. Wood (Hallamshire)
2003 A. Bradley (Doncaster) 2019 J. Wood (Hallamshire)
2004 D. Willett (Bondhay)

2005 M. Evans (Rotherham)

2006 S. Campbell (Hallowes)

2007 M. Hammond (Wath)


  Stroke Play Championship   (Jack Hulley Trophy)

Winner Runner-up
1969 J.D. Hall (Worksop) M.D. Hulley (Tankersley Park)
1970 D.J. Palmer (Rotherham) E. Grice (Tankersley Park)
1971 J.M. Foster (Abbeydale) J.P. Rawson (Abbeydale)
1972 * B.A. Meldrum (Hallowes) J.D. Hall (Worksop)
1973 J. A. Saville (Phoenix) A. Hartley (Tankersley Park)
1974 P.M. Taylor (Sickleholme) R. Hawksworth (Hillsborough)
1975 * M.I. MacKenzie (Hillsborough) G. S. Ingham (Wheatley)
1976 A.G.R. Dobson (Abbeydale) A. Clay (Rotherham)
1977 D.J. Palmer (Rotherham) J. Timms (Hillsborough)
1978 D.J. Palmer (Rotherham) M.R. Thornhill (Concord Park)
1979 H.B. Green (Doncaster) M.A. Roe (Hallowes)
1980 W.P. Bunker (Dore & Totley) D.M. McCart (Worksop)
1981 I.L. Fletcher (Sickleholme) A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park)
1982 MR. Thornhill (Wortley) H.B. Green (Doncaster)
1983 A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park) A.P. Crawford (Hallamshire)
1984 J.N. Wilkinson (Lindrick) R.J. Mugglestone (Rotherham)
1985 D.M. McCart (Worksop) P.A. Tankard (Beauchief)
1986 * M.I. MacKenzie (Hillsborough) R. Jones (Wath)
1987 * A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park) * S. Field (Silkstone)
1988 * S. Field (Silkstone) A. Saunby (Renishaw Park)
1989 R. Jones (Wath) I.D. Garbutt (Wheatley)
1990 K.J. Smart (Phoenix) D. Mansell (Silkstone)
1991 A. Saundby (Renishaw Park) P. Daughtrey (Rotherham)
1992 R. Jones (Wath) G. Vernon (Hillsborough)
1993 J. Bragger (Tinsley Park) A. R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw)
1994 R. Jones (Wath) M.J. Pearson (Abbeydale)
1995 N. Parkinson (Dore & Totley) M. Thomas (Hallamshtre)
1996 P. Nelson (Renishaw Park) W. Frost (Wath)
1997 D. Needham (Renishaw Park) P. Kelly (Sandhill)
1998 O. Whiteley (Hillsborough) B. Downing (Hallamshire)
1999 M. Haddock (Wheatley) G. Clark (Doncaster)
2000 S. Abdy (Tankersley Park) G. Hyde (Wath)
2001 M. Allen (Worksop) J. Stacey (Abbeydale)
2002 M. Hayward (Doncaster TM) J. Glover (Rotherham)
2003 S. Tarplett (Hillsborough) S. Robinson (Hillsborough)
2004 S. Haywood (Rotherham) P. Nelson (Renishaw Park)
2005 S. Tarplett (Hillsborough) S. Lister (Dore & Totley)
2006 S. Tarplett (Hillsborough) J. Maw (Abbeydale)
2007 G. Hyde (Wath) R. Jones (Wath)
2008 N. Rogers (Tankersley Park) M. Haddock (Wheatley)
2009 T. Thornhill (Rotherham) R. Jones (Wath)
2010 S. Young (Rotherham) D. Wasteney (Bondhay)
2011 L. Hollingworth (Tankersley Park) G. Fullwood (Wath)
2012 S. Angell (Rotherham) N. Rogers (Wortley)
2013 B. Brewster (Bawtry) N.Poppleton (Wath)
2014 M. Nicholson (Crookhill Park) K. Lowe (Wheatley)
2015 N. Poppleton (Wath) S Bairstow (Hallowes)
2016 L. Hollingworth (Tankersley Park) S. Clegg (Owston Hall)
2017 S. Bairstow (Hallowes) S. Priest (Hallowes)
2018 J. Berrisford (Grang Park) G. Taylor (Sitwell Park)
2019 A. Oates (Hallamshire) N. Stones (Phoenix)


Charles A. Lockwood Trophy

1988 S. Fields (Silkstone)  2005 S. Tarplett (Hillsborough)
1989 R. Jones (Wath)  2006 S. Tarplett (Hillsborough)
1990 M.I. MacKenzie (Hallamshire)  2007 R. Jones (Wath)
1991  Not awarded  2008 I. Clarke (Sickleholme)
1992 R. Jones (Wath)  2009 T. Thornhill (Rotherham)
1993 R. Jones (Wath)  2010 S. Young (Rotherham)
1994 R. Jones (Wath)  2011 G. Fulwood (Wath)
1995 R. Jones (Wath)  2012 N. Rogers (Wortley)
1996 P. Nelson (Renishaw Park)  2013 I.Clarke (Wath)
1997 M. Thomas (Hallamshire)  2014 N. Poppleton (Wath)
1998 C.J. Hall (Hillsborough)  2015 G. Fullwood (Wath)
1999 S. Tarplett (Hillsborough)  2016 R. Hanson (Renishaw Park)
2000 S. Tarplett (Hillsborough)  2017 I. Clarke (Lindrick)
2001 S. Tarplett (Hillsborough) 2018 A. Robinson (Hillsborough)
2002  Not held 2019 T. Brind (Abbeydale)
2003 S. Tarplett (Hillsborough)
2004 M. Haddock (Wheatley)



Mid-Amateur Championship  (Peter Wharton Trophy)

Winner Runner-up
1988 R.T.R. Potts (Abbeydale) M. Egley (Renishaw Park)
1989 A. Rogerson (Serlby Park) R. Hope (Doncaster T.M.)
1990 D. Harris (Sertby Park) M.A. Sowerby (Doncaster T.M.)
1991 J. Timms (Hillsborough) A. Bereslorde (Hickleton)
1992 * M.I. MacKenzie (Hallamshire) S. Conroy (Tinsley Park)
1993 * M.I. MacKenzie (Hallamshire) H. Hopkinson (Worksop)
1994 * M.I. MacKenzie (Hallamshire) G. Rave (Crookhili Park)
1995 * M.I. MacKenzie (Hallamshire) A. Clegg (Crookhill Park)
1996 K.J. Smart (Phoenix) * A. R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park)
1997 K.J. Smart (Phoenix) N. Armstrong (Renishaw Park)
1998 G. Vernon (Hillsborough) K. J. Smart (Phoenix)
1999 G. Vernon (Hillsborough) G. Barnes (Crookhlli Park)
2000 S. Needham (Sickleholme) G. Vernon (Hillsborough)
2001 G. Barnes (Crookhili Park) B. Downing (Hallamshire)
2002 M. J. Smith (Doncaster TM) A. R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park)
2003 M. J. Smith (Doncaster TM) A. R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park)
2004 S. Needham (Sickieholme) B. Downing (Hallamshire)
2005 S. Needham (Sickleholme) S. Fretwell (Worksop)
2006 R. Jones (Wath) S. Fretwell (Worksop)
2007 R. Jones (Wath) N. Allen (Doncaster TM)
2008 K. Smart (Phoenix) J. Little (Hickleton)
2009 R. Jones (Wath) S. Tarplett (Hillsborough)
2010 A. Unwin (Rotherham) A. Pickles (Beauchief)
2011 D. Longden (Phoenix) S. Angell (Rotherham)
2012 S. Angell (Rotherham) S. Brennan (Wheatley)
2013 D. Longden (Phoenix) M. Daughtrey (Beauchief)
2014 R. Hodgkinson (Lindrick) C. Maw (Beauchief)
2015 M. Haddock (Wheatley) D. Longden (Phoenix)
2016 S. Clegg (Owston Hall) N. Stones (Wheatley)
2017 R. Gill (Wath) T. Brind (Abbeydale)
2018 R Hanson (Renishaw Park) T. Brind (Abbeydale)
2019 T. Brind (Abbeydale) R. Clark (Wheatley)


Sheffield Amateur Championship

Winner Runner-up
1911 P. Roberts (Sickleholme) J.A. Brookes (Hallowes)
1912 G. Birch (N.E. Derbyshire) F. A. Neill (Hallamshire)
1913 F.A. Neil (Hallamshire) D.C. Leng (Hallamshire)
1914 C. Turner (Hallowes) H. W. Pearson (Hallamshire)
1920 A.O. Dick (Rotherham) G. H. Cook (Abbeydale)
1921 * B. Wragg (Sheffield & District) G. E. Steel (Dore 8. Totley)
1922 * B. Wragg (Sheffield & District) J.H. Aitchison (Hallowes)
1923 J.H. Aitchison (Hallowes) F.W. Bannings (Hallowes)
1924 J.H. Aitchison (Hallowes) H. F. Siddons (Abbeydale)
1925 J.A. Roberts (Sickleholme) S.N. Quine (Hallowes)
1926 G.H. Cook (Abbeydale) * N.W. Dunn (Abbeydale)
1927 F.E. Board (Renishaw Park) J.H. Aitchison (Hallowes)
1928 J.C. Cowley (Sickleholme) W.H. Gillott (Hallowes)
1929 * N.W. Dunn (Abbeydale) R. Askham (Lees Hall)
1930 * N.W. Dunn (Abbeydale) R. Symington (Abbeydale)
1931 J.H. Aitchison (Hallamshire) H. Evans (Beauchief)
1932 * S.E. Banks (Hallamshire) J.C. Cowley (Hallowes)
1933 * S.E. Banks (Hallamshire) J.C. Cowley (Hallowes)
1934 * S.E. Banks (Hallamshire) E. Collinson (Lees Hall)
1935 E. Collinson (Lees Hall) R. Askham (Lees Hall)
1936 * S.E. Banks (Hallamshire) E. Gollinson (Lees Hall)
1937 * S.E. Banks (Hallamshire) A.E.H. Hollely (Worksop)
1938 A. F. Gowers (Hillsborough) W. Tyrell (Sitwell Park)
1939 * S.E. Banks (Hallamshire) C. Dawes (Lees Hall)
1946 R. Askham (Lees Hall) * S.E. Banks (Hallamshire)
1947 H. Rissbrook (Hallowes) R. Askham (Lees Hall)
1948 W.S. May (Hallowes) J.S. Bethell (Hallamshire)
1949 J.S. Bethell (Hallamshire) F. Lancashire (Sitwell Park)
1950 R. Askham (Lees Hall) J.M. Foster (Abbeydale)
1951 * D.F. Livingstone (Sitwell Park) A. R. Westerman (Hallamshire)
1952 * D.F. Livingstone (Sitwell Park) J.S. Bethell (Hallamshire)
1953 P.W. Stanilorth (Renishaw Park) G. W. Bonser (Lees Hall)
1954 J.L. Ledger (Tinsley Park) D. D. Marshall (Rotherham)
1955 * D.F. Livingstone (Sitwell Park) T.E. Walton (Lees Hall)
1956 M.I. MacKenzie (Hillsborough) M.J. Kilhouriey (Wheatley)
1957 J.M. Foster (Abbeydale) G.A. Huddy (Lindrick)
1958 D.J. Palmer (Phoenix) * B. A. Meldrum (Hallowes)
1959 D.J. Palmer (Phoenix) P.J. Eborall (Hillsborough)
1960 * B. A. Meldrum (Hallowes) * D.F. Livingstone (Lindrick)
1961 D. J. Palmer (Phoenix) M. L. MacKenzie (Hillsborough)
1962 D.J. Palmer (Phoenix) M.D. Hulley (Hillsborough)
1963 + I.R. Harris (Hallowes) * B. A. Meldrum (Hallowes)
1964 + P.J Eborall (Hillsborough) I.R. Harris (Hallowes)
1965 + M.D. Hulley (Tankersley Park) G.W. Marshall (Sickleholme)
1966 * B. A. Meldrum (Hallowes) C. J. Copestake (Hallowes)
1967 * L . P. Tupling (Tankersley Park) P.W. Staniforth (Renishaw Park)
1968 P.J. Eborall (Hillsborough) C. J. Devine (Chesterfield)

# From 1969 to 1990 a separate Match Play Competition was held
1969 J.M. Foster (Abbeydale) R.M. Kinsey (Sickleholme)
1970 * B. A. Meldrum (Hallowes) G.W. Marshall (Sickleholme)
1971 J.P. Rawson (Abbeydale) P.J. Eborall (Hillsborough)
1972 E. D. Powell (Lees Hall) J. Chaplain (Hallowes)
1973 C. F. Parkin (Lees Hall) D. Slingsby (Hallowes)
1974 C. F. Parkin (Lees Hall) D. Bagshaw (Worksop)
1975 D. J. Palmer (Worksop) R. Farmer (Rotherham)
1976 J.G. Lomas (Rotherham) * M.I. MacKenzie (Hillsborough)
1977 C.R. Dale (Stocksbridge) D. M. Muhley (Abbeydale)
1978 * M.J. MacKenzie (Hillsborough) J.A. Saville (Rotherham)
1979 M.A. Roe (Hallowes) A. Clay (Rotherham)
1980 J.N. Wilkinson (Worksop) M. A. Roe (Hallowes)
1981 * M.I. MacKenzie (Hillsborough) A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw)
1982 D.M. McCart (Worksop) * M.I. MacKenzie (Hillsborough)
1983 I.L. Fletcher (Sickleholme) * M.I. MacKenzie (Hillsborough)
1984 J. Timms (Hillsborough) D.E. Robbins (Tinsley Park)
1985 * S. Field (Silkstone) * M.I. MacKenzie (Hillsborough)
1986 R.T. R. Potts (Abbeydale) * R. Jones (Wath)
1987 * A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park) L. Horsman (Hillsborough)
1988 C.R. Dale (Stocksbndge) L. Horsman (Hillsborough)
1989 * A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park) K.J. Smart (Phoenix)
1990 A.D. Saunby (Renishaw Park) G. Vernon (Hillsborough)
1991 * A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park) G. Barnes (Crookhill Park)
1992 K.J. Smart (Rotherham) M. Nelson (Renishaw Park)
1993 P. Nelson (Renishaw Park) D. Mansell (Silkstone)
1994 G. Clark (Doncaster) M. France (Wath)
1995 M. Haddock (Wheatley) N. Parkinson (Dore S Totley)
1996 J. French (Rotherham) *A.R. Gelshorpe (Renishaw Park)
1997 O. Whiteley (Hillsborough) W. Frost (Wath)
1998 G. Clark (Doncaster) G. Davies (Abbeydale)
1999 S. Brennan (Wheatley) S. Cox (Phoenix)
2000 G. Davies (Abbeydale) G. Hyde (Wath)
2001 D. Hemsworth (Bondhay) S. Robinson (Hillsborough)
2002 S. Needham (Sickleholme) M. Beck (Doncaster)
2003 M. Hayward (Doncaster TM) G. Barnes (Crookhill Park)
2004 M. Haddock (Wheatley) S. Lister (Dore 8. Totley)
2005 D. Stanley (Phoenix) S. Bridges (Hickleton)
2006 J. Walker (Rotherham) R. Brown (Worksop)
2007 R. Brown (Worksop) A. Halifax (Bawtry)
2008 G. Hyde (Grange Park) I. Clarke (Sickleholme)
2009 R. Jones (Wath) R. Oades (Abbeydale)
2010 R. Oades (Abbeydale) I. Clarke (Sickleholme)
2011 J. Smedley (Worksop) J. Bragger (Tinsley Park)
2012 G. Fullwood (Wath) L. Senior (Lees Hall)
2013 N. Stones (Bawtry) S. Young (Bawtry)
2014 N. Stones (Bawtry) J. Gregg (Abbeydale)
2015 N. Fell (Lindrick) M. McGuinness (Phoenix)
2016 N. Stones (Bawtry) R. Hansen (Renishaw Park)
2017 S. Needham (Lindrick) I. Clarke (Lindrick)
2018 I. Clarke (Lindrick) G. Taylor (Sitwell Park)
2019 T. Brind (Abbeydale) B. Mullins (Bawtry)

+ Strokeplay only               * Sometime Yorkshire Amateur Champion

Champion of Champions

Winner Runner-up
2016 S. Bairstow (Hallowes) R. Andrews (Wortley)
2017 K. Stockdale (Worksop) S. Brennan (Wheatley)
2018 L. Gregory (Doncaster) J. Blackburn (Worksop)
2019 L. Palmowski (Hickleton) H. Emmingham (Birley Wood)

Veteran's Championship  

Winner Runner-up
1950 S.C. Ashby (Dore & Totley) W.G. Lockett (Beauchief)
1951 S.C. Ashby (Dore &, Totley) G. Machin (Hallowes)
1952 C. Adams (Sitwell Park) T. Barber (Dore & Totley)
1953 J. Nutbrown (Tankersley Park) G. H. Dunbar (Lees Hall)
1954 G. Travis (Dore & Totley) E. Hughes (Sickleholme)
1955 F. Witham (Beauchiel) J.H. Watson (Hillsborough)
1956 J. Nutbrown (Tankersley Park) H.L. Fox (Dore & Totley)
1957 D.C. Cameron (Dore & Totley) T.A. Woodward (Hallamshire)

M. Laird (Beauchief)
1958 H. Trevethick (Sickleholme) L.W. Marshall (Tinsley Park)
1959 W.P. Marshall (Hillsborough) C. Webster (Hillsborough)
1960 S.C. Ashby (Dore & Totley) J.E. Thorpe (Phoenix)
1961 G.W. Manifold (Dore 8 Totley) P.R. Taylor (Tankersley Park)
1962 C. Bennett (Hallowes) S. Pearson (Hillsborough)
1963 G.W. Nunn (Hallowes) A. Youle (Beauchief)
1964 R. Gresham (Abbeydale) O. Wild (Dore & Totley)
1965 H. Wilkinson (Hillsborough) F. Mirfin (Renishaw Park)
1966 J. Hulley (Rotherham) A.B. Clark (Lees Hall)
1967 J.G. Corbridge (Tankersley) L. Jarvis (Hallamshire)
1968 C. Armstrong (Sickleholme) C. Stockdale (Hallamshire)
1969 H. Shaw (Abbeydale) E. Beeson (Rotherham)
* Player recording the lowest Gross Score became the Champion:-  

1970 G.W. Nunn (Hallowes) C. Barker (Hillsborough)
1971 L. Tupling (Phoenix) W.H. Langley (Tinsley Park)
1972 F. Wigginton (Tankersley Park) L. Tupling (Phoenix)
1973 F.R. Boyd (Rotherham) W.H. Langley (Tinsley Park)
1974 C. Barker (Hillsborough) F. R. Boyd (Rotherham)
1975 C. Barker (Hillsborough) G. Walton (Worksop)
1976 F. Rishworth (Phoenix) L. Tupling (Grange Park)
1977 J.R. Cheetham (Tapton Park) G. Walton (Worksop)
1978 H. Moxon (Renishaw Park) L. Tupling (Grange Park)
1979 J.R. Cheetham (Tapton Park) L. Tupling (Grange Park)
1980 D. Setts (Dore & Totley) S. Field (Worksop)
1981 J.R. Cheetham (Tapton Park) D. O. Schofield (Sitwell Park)
1982 J.R. Cheetham (Tapton Park) S.K. Arnold (Abbeydale)
1983 J.R. Cheetham (Tapton Park) R.A. Twigg (Dore & Totley)
1984 R.A. Twigg (Dore & Totley) K.J. Croxen (Sitwell Park)
1985 J.R. Cheetham (Tapton Park) R.A. Twigg (Dore & Totley)
1986 J.B.S. Harris (Doncaster) J.R. Cheetham (Tapton Park)
1987 J.R. Cheetham (Tapton Park) C. Duke (Rotherham)
1988 W. Benson (Hallowes) R. Bocking (Hillsborough)
1989 E.T. Wainwright (Abbeydale) A. Milton (Renishaw Park)
1990 A. Diskin (Dore & Totley) W.R.L Ball (Wortley)
1991 G. Bywater (Doncaster) J.L. Gibb (Silkstone)
1992 P.W. Hickinson (Hallamshire) R. Sharpe (Abbeydale)
1993 R.A. Twigg (Dore & Totley) J. Clegg (Phoenix)
1994 D. Laird (Dore & Totley) E. Wainwright (Abbeydale)
1995 E. Grice (Tankersley Park) R. Adams (Renishaw Park)
1996 M. Cummins (Doncaster) A. Egley (Renishaw Park)
1997 R. Adams (Renishaw Park) E. Grice (Tankersley Pari<)
1998 B.A. Meldrum (Hallowes) G. K. Hulley (Wortley)
1999 B.A. Meldrum (Hallowes) F. Rutter (Stocksbridge)
2000 J.C. Thomas (Chesterfield) T. Flannery (Wath)
2001 G.K. Hulley (Wortley) L. Morgan (Rotherham)
2002 J. C. Thomas (Chesterfield) J. Godfrey (Lindrick)
2003 G. Owen (Renishaw Park) D. Palmer (Rotherham)
2004 S. Anderson (Doncaster) B. Meldrum (Hallowes)
2005 J.C. Thomas (Chesterfield) D. Palmer (Rotherham)
2006 R. Howsham (Lees Hall) J. Timms (Hillsborough)
2007 D. Slingsby (Hallowes) D. Walkerdine (Tankersley Park)
2008 W. J. Hayes (Wortley) J.C. Thomas (Chesterfield)
2009 S. Anderson (Doncaster) W. J. Hayes (Wortley)
2010 D. Slingsby (Hallowes) T.S. Smith (Doncaster Town Moor )
2011 H. Duff (Tankersley Park) D. Slingsby (Hallowes)
2012 D. Slingsby (Hallowes) H. Duff (Tankersley Park)
2013 J. Silvers (Renistiaw Park) D. Axe (Hallowes)
2014 D. Slingsby (Hallowes) T. Smith (Doncaster TM)
2015 T. Tate (Rotherham) S. Chatterjee (Hallamshire)
2016 D. Heeramum (Bawtry) T. Tate (Rotherham)
2017 D. Slingsby (Hallowes) K. Popplewell (Rotherham)
2018 D. Heeramun (Bawtry) T. S. Smith (Doncaster TM)
2019 M. Sowerby (Doncaster Town Moor) D. Robbins (Tinsley)


Seniors Championship

Winner Runner-up
1992 L. Smith (Hallowes) B. Cox (Hallowes)
1993 B. Merrifield (Chesterfield) J.C. Thomas (Chesterfield)
1994 G. Daglish (Phoenix) B. Merrifield (Chesterfield)
1995 F. Rutter (Stocksbridge) G. Daglish (Phoenix)
1996 G. Daglish (Phoenix) H. Dowens (Wath)
1997 J.C. Thomas (Chesterfield) D. Slingsby (Hallowes)
1998 J.C. Thomas (Chesterfield) R. Howsham (Lees Hall)
1999 G. Owen (Renishaw Park) J.C. Thomas (Chesterfield)
2000 J.C. Thomas (Chesterfield) R. Hawksworth (Hillsborough)
2001 D. Roberts (Rothertiam) T.S. Smith (Doncaster TM)
2002 A. Slack (Wortley) S. Anderson (Doncaster)
2003 D. Slingsby (Hallowes) G. Cobb (Rotherham)
2004 D. Moore (Hickleton) R. James (Hallamshire)
2005 J.C. Thomas (Chesterfield) C. Sapey (Rothertiam)
2006 S. Pond (Worksop) M. Feeney (Doncaster TM)
2007 D. Slingsby (Hallowes) D. Moore (Hickleton)
2008 D. Bullock (Hallamshire) T. S. Smith (Doncaster TM)
2009 S.R. Cammack (Sitwell Park) J. Fowler (Hallamshire)
2010 D. Slingsby (Hallowes) S.R. Cammack (Sitwell Park)
2011 S.R. Cammack (Bondhay) S. White (Renishaw Park)
2012 B. Downing (Hallamshire) P. Humphries (Hallamsire)
2013 A. McVeigh (Chesterfield) S. Cammack (Bondhay)
2014 S. Cammack (Bondhay) D. Slingsby (Hallowes)
2015 G. Dobbs (Rotherham) A. Collings (Wortley)
2016 A. Collings (Wortley) D. Briggs (Renishaw)
2017 A Collings (Wortley) S. Ellis (Wath)
2018 R. Hempstock (Doncaster TM) N. Wensley (Hallamshire)
2019 A. Crawford (Hallamshire) A. Robinson (Wheatley)


Tee-Up Trophy

1973 C.F. Parkin (Lees Hall) 1998 G. Clark (Doncaster)
1974 C.F. Parkin (Lees Hall) 1999 M. Haddock (Wheatley)
1975 R, Farmer (Rotherham) 2000 S. Tarplett (Hillsborough)
1976 G.H. Daglish (Sitwell Park) 2001 C. Clarke (Wath)
1977 PH. Taylor (Sickleholme) 2002 S. Needham (Sickleholme)
1978 A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park) 2003 S. Tarplett (Hillsborough)
1979 M.A. Roe (Hallowes) 2004 M. Haddock (Wheatley)
1980 M.I. MacKenzie (Hillsborough) 2005 S. Tarplett (Hillsborough)
1981 A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park) 2006 S. Tarplett (Hillsborough)
1982 S. Field (Silkstone) 2007 R. Jones (Wath)
1983 M.I. MacKenzie (Hillsborough) 2008 N. Rogers (Tankersley Park)
1984 R.J. Mugglestone (Rotherham) 2009 S. Tarplett (Hillsborough)
1985 S. Field (Silkstone) 2010 S. Young (Rotherham)
1986 R. Jones (Wath) 2011 R. Oades (Abbeydale)
1987 K.J. Smart (Phoenix) 2012 N. Rogers (Wortley)
1988 A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park) 2013 B.Brewster (Bawtry)
1989 R. Jones (Wath) 2014 N. Poppleton (Wath)
1990 K.J. Smart (Phoenix) 2015 N. Poppleton (Wath)
1991 A.R. Gelsthorpe (Renishaw Park) 2016 L. Hollingworth (Tankersley Park)
1992 R. Jones (Wath) 2017 T. Brind (Abbeydale)
1993 P. Nelson (Renishaw Park) 2018 J. Tasker (Hallamshire)
1994 R. Jones (Wath) 2019 T. Brind (Abbeydale)
1995 M. Haddock (Wheatley)
1996 P. Nelson (Renishaw Park)
1997 R. Jones (Wath)

6 to 18 Stroke Play Championship

6 to 12 Graham Needham Trophy 13 to 18 Mike Greaves Trophy
2017 S. Maw (Phoenix) 2017 D. Jones (Renishaw)
2018 K. Wainwright (Hillsborough) 2018 J. Thornber (Hillsborough)
2019 A. Wilson (Grange Park) 2019 L. Smith (Hillsborough)

John Wood Trophy

Year Winner
2017 N. Allen (Doncaster)
2018 N. Leatherland (Hillsborough
2019   M. Slattery (Sitwell Park) 

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