Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs

Junior Competition Winners

Junior Championship

Winner Runner-up
1950 J. McKinley (Hallowes) R. Boddy (Lindrick)
1951 D. Talbot (Hallamshire) C.J. Norton (Worksop)
1952 G.L Sidwell (Sickleholme) B. Hutchinson (Beauchief)
1953 J.A.H, Pearson (Tankersley Park) J.D. Lomas (Renishaw Park)
1954 M.D. Hulley (Tankersley Park) R. Hawksworth (Tinsley Park)
1955 J.B. Bell (Abbeydale) P. G. Gills (Sitwell Park)

I. Skellern (Sitwell Park)
1958 M.D. Hulley (Tankersley Park) I. Skellern (Sitwell Park)
1959 H. Downey (Sitwell Park) S. Bickerdicke (Chesterfield)
1960 R. Howarth (Beauchief) D.S. Boyd (Phoenix)
1961 D.A. North (Lees Hall) J. Bunting (Dore & Totley)
1962 D.A. North (Lees Hall) R. Hopkinson (Hallowes)
1963 S. Tingle (Phoenix) P. Thompson (Hallamshire)
1964 C.F. Parkin (Lees Hall) L.P. Tupling (Phoenix)
1965 D.R. Robinson (Phoenix) P.C. Smith (Renishaw Park)
1966 C. Steer (Renishaw Park) P.C. Smith (Renishaw Park)
1967 W.P Bunker (Dore & Totley) N. Lewis (Dore & Totley)
1968 P.S. Hall (Hallowes) AW. Leach (Wortley)
1969 W.P. Bunker (Dore & Totley) J.D. Gray (Lees Hall)
* Players recording the lowest score   
   became the Champion Best Nett
1970 S. Rolley (Phoenix) N. Hinch (Tankersley Park)
1971 J.M. Faulkner (Lees Hall) S. Johnson (Worksop)
1972 D. Bagshaw (Worksop) M. Robinson (Abbeydale)
1973 M.I. MacKenzie (Hillsborough) G. Kelly (Silkstone)
1974 M.A. Walsh (Chestertield) S. East (Dore & Totley)
1975 A. Taylor (Tankersley Park) M.J. MacKenzie (Hillsborough)
1976 A.R. Gelsthorpe (Tinsley Park) D. Fanshawe (Renishaw Park)
1977 P. Hardwick (Tinsley Park) P. Cook (Abbeydale)
1978 P. Hardwick (Tinsley Park) R. Ellis (Grange Park)
1979 M.A. Roe (Hallowes) R. Marshall (Chestertield)
1960 T.A. Wilkinson (Worksop) A. Ducker (Sitwell Park)
1981 P.A. Daughtry (Phoenix) S. Body (Wortley)
1982 C.L. Bassett (Doncaster) T. Webb (Doncaster)
1983 C.M. Nolan (Hallowes) M. Nolan (Hallowes)
* Recording of Best Nett Discontinued Runner-up
1984 R. Simpson (Dore & Totley) D. Bird (Wheatley)
1985 A.J. Miller (Doncaster Town Moor) M. Lunn (Silkstone)
1986 J.K. Ripley (Hillsborough) A. Dowens (Wath)
1987 J.K. Ripley (Hillsborough) A. Dowens(Wath)
1988 J.P. Mellor (Hillsborough) S. Holt (Crookhill Park)
1989 R.J. Wragg (Renishaw Park) D. Longden (Tapton Park)
1990 D. Hemsworth (Crookhill Park) J.M. Craven (Doncaster)
*From 1987 played from scratch over 36 holes
*From 1991 reverted to 18 holes
1991 A. Mccormick (Rotherham) P.J. Bailey (Abbeydale)
1992 A. Mccormick (Rotherham) P.J. Bailey (Abbeydale)
1993 G. Davies (Abbeydale) G. Clark (Doncaster)

I. Danks (Abbeydale)

M. Reynolds (Crookhill Park)
1994 T. Armitage (Hallamshire) M. Bell (Worksop)
1995 M. Foulkes (Worksop) M. Bell (Worksop)
1996 S. Westney (Lees Hall) C. Jacob (Grange Park)
1997 S. Goulding (Hickleton) J.Glover (Rotherham)

D. Gwilliam (Wheatley)
1998 D. Gwilliam (Wheatley) G. Scott (Rotherham)
1999 N. Huby (Wheatley) D. Gwilliam (Wheatley)
2000 J. Mason (Rotherham) J. Stacey (Abbeydale)
2001 J. Stacey (Abbeydale) C. Clarke (Wath)
2002 M. Evans (Rotherham) A. Hodkinson (Dore & Totley)
2003 A. Tyler (Dore & Totley) G. Woolgar (Chestertield)
2004 M. Hempstock (Doncaster) S. Haywood (Rotherham)
2005 T. Dale ( Hillsborough) E. Tornese (Phoenix)
2006 A. Hodkin (Wheatley) A. Green (Wheatley)
2007 D. Moon (Rotherham) S. Young (Rotherham)
2008 M. Fitzpatrick (Hallamshire) D. Moon (Rotherham)
2009 S. Young (Rotherham) D. Wasteney (Bondhay)
2010 L. Hollingworth (Tankersley Park) L. McMillan (Concord Park)
2011 T. Wood (Bondhay) J. Gregg (Abbeydale)
2012 N. Poppleton (Wath) L. Senior (Lees Hall)
2013 K.Lowe (Wheatley) W. Seston (Lindrick)
2014 K.Lowe (Wheatley) B. Gill (Lindrick)
2015 C. Macfie (Lindrick) T. Osborne (Lindrick)
2016 G. Nicholson (Silkstone) J. Leversidge (Abbeydale)
2017 B Perry (Phoenix) G. Taylor (Sitwell Park)
2018 O. Sullivan (Phoenix) G. Nicholson (Silkstone)
2019 L. Houlgate (Waterfront) J. Wilson (Hallowes)
2020 Not Held

Junior Championship (Best Net)

2015 T. Osborne (Lindrick)
2016 E. Pickersgill (Lindrick)
2017 J. Clayton (Birley Wood)
2018 M. Dalton (Dore & Totley)
2019 P. Allott (Lees Hall)
2020 Not Held

Under 14 Championship

Year Winner Runner-up
2008 J. Gregg (Hallamshire) L Kimpton (Rotherham)
2009 L. Thompson (Wath) G. Denton (Bondhay)
2010 N. Fell (Lees Hall) J. Jarman (Hallowes)
2011 A. Nairn (Rotherham) K. Lowe (Wheatley)
2012 N. Fell (Lees Hall) R. Lowe (Wheatley)
2013 R. Lowe (Wheatley) G. Roebuck (Hillsborough)
2014 C. Macfie (Lindrick) B. Schmidt (Rotherham)
2015 J. Danks (Rother Valley)

2016 J. Greaves (Phoenix) T. Broadley (Birley Wood)
2017 J Whaley (Rotherham) F Parlby (Hallowes)
2018 No Competition

2019 P. Allott (Lees Hall) K. Johnson-Rolfe (Doncaster)
2020 Not Held

Under 14 Matchplay

Year Winner Runner-up
2009 J. Hall (Bondhay) C. Clarke (Wheatley)
2010 C. Daughtrey (Rotherham) A. Robinson (Rotherham)
2011 E. Towning (Hillsborough) N. Hennessey (Silkstone)
2012 B. Malin (Sitwell) E. Turner-Bennett (Lindrick)
2013 C. Macfie (Lindrick) L. Eccles (Waterfront)
2014 B. Perry (Phoenix) J. Leversedge (Abbeydale)
2015 T. Osborne (Lindrick)
2016 J Whaley (Rotherham) T. Broadley (Birley Wood)
2017 W Smith (Hallamshire) T Broadley (Birley Wood)
2018 No Competition
2019 No Competition
2020 No Competition


* Junior Matchplay (2015 new John Jarman Trophy)

Year Winner
2006 M. Swindell (Bondhay)
2007 S. Young (Bawtry)
2008 M. Fitzpatrick (Hallamshire)
2009 L. Hollingsworth (Tankersley)
2010 J. Harrison (Rotherham)
2011 J. Harrison (Rotherham)
2012 J. Jarman (Hallowes)
2013 J. Jarman (Hallowes)
2014 J. Jarman (Hallowes)
2015 * A. Nairn (Rotherham)
2016 J. Wilson (Hallowes)
2017 J. Whaley (Rotherham)
2018 J. Whaley (Rotherham)
2019 J. Millington (Hallowes)
2020 Not Held

Junior Champion of Champions

2014 L. Rhodes (Beauchief)
2015 B. Brown (Hallamshire)
2016 L. Palmowski (Hickleton
2017 T. Slattery (Sitwell Park)
2018 T. Broadley (Birley Wood)
2019 T. Osborne (Lindrick)


Junior Player of the Year (Lol Morgan Trophy)

2016 J. Wilson (Hallowes)
2017 B. Perry (Phoenix)
2018 T. Broadley (Birley Wood)
2019 J. Whaley (Rotherham)
2020 Not Held


Junior Mini Tour

2014 K. Gough (Phoenix)
2015 S. Longworth (Doncaster)
2016 J Greaves (Phoenix)
2017 O. Nowell (Hickleton)
2018 O. Shaw (Wheatley)
2019 E. Dennett (Doncaster)
2020 Not Held

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