Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs

6 - 18 League Rules and Regulations

6 - 18 HANDICAP LEAGUE (2015)

Matchplay Foursomes (amended 2019)

1. Four New Divisions have been created, starting with Division 1 comprising of the 2018 Zone Winners. The remaining 2 places plus the formation of the other divisions has been done following a ballot.

2. Club players must have a Handicap Index between 5.5 and 18.4 inclusive, AND two of the team players must have a Handicap Index over 12.5 to 18.4 to allow golfers with such handicaps an opportunity to participate in this SUGC league competition. Stroke allowance will be one half of the difference of the combined Course Handicap.

3. Club teams consist of 8 players who play as 4 pairs in a match play foursome format.

4. Matches, home and away, are arranged by and between all the clubs in the same division on days of their own choice.

5. Matches must be played between 1st May and 27th September: matches not played by the end date will be judged to be a drawn fixture (4 points each).

6. For Matches postponed for weather or the state of the course owing to bad weather the home club to offer 3 dates, one of which must be accepted by the opponents.

7. The result of every match shall be communicated to the SUGC Hon. Secretary, following its conclusion, on the basis of 2 points for a win, 1 for a half and 0 for a loss per foursome pair in the match.

8. At the end of the season the top 2 teams will be promoted, and for Divisions 1, 2, 3 the bottom 2 teams will be relegated, (no relegation from Division 4)

9. General rules in the case of a tie on points:  (Revised March 2020)

       (a)   number of wins & losses during the season will be taken into account;

       (b)   if the clubs are still tied then Head to Head results;

       (c)   if the clubs are still tied then holes won in the Head to Head Results.

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